Shortly we will have a full list of NZOPA registered orthotists and prosthetists. If in the meantime you need to find one please email us at and we put you in contact with someone in your area.

Membership and Process Criteria

There are several types of membership to the NZOPA.  If you would like to see if you are elligible please click here.  Those that are elligible need to fill in a registration form and pay the application/registration fee (currently $250 NZD)

A prosthetist, as defined by The American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics, Inc., is a person who measures, designs, fabricates, fits, or services a prosthesis as prescribed by a licensed physician, and who assists in the formulation of the prosthesis prescription for the replacement of external parts of the human body lost due to amputation or congenital deformities or absences. Read the full article here.

An Orthotist is skilled in the assessment, prescription, manufacture, & fitting of orthoses for an extremely diverse patient population. An orthosis (plural orthoses) is simply an externally applied device used to modify the structural or functional characteristics of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system.

To become an orthotist and prosthetist you need a qualification in orthotic and prosthetic technology. There are no training courses in New Zealand at present, and students must travel overseas for training. Training in Australia is available through La Trobe University and the University of New South Wales. Read the full article here.

Interested in the history of prosthetics and orthotics? Read more about it here.

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