Yesterday, The President and Executive Officer attended an AHANZ meeting with Martin Chadwick.  The Ministry is looking at a 12-18 month horizon and working on how to maintain as much normalcy as possible for managing patients in further outbreaks, including what more can be done with Telehealth and managing face to face appointments.  Mask usage has been determined to be an added level of protection, however mask hygiene is extremely important.  Misinformation has also been a challenge for the Ministry.  Please ensure that all of your information is coming from reputable sources, such as the Ministry of Health and World Health Organisation.
Ministry of Health & New Zealand Government Covid-19 Links

Ministry of Health – Covid-19
Ministry of Health – News & Media Updates
Ministry of Health – Resources for health professionals
Ministry of health – Mental health and wellbeing resources
Ministry of Health – Use of masks in the community
Ministry of Health – How to use a face mask safely
New Zealand Government – Covid-19
New Zealand Government – Information for Businesses

We are working hard to continue to provide the most up to date Covid-19 information relating to your practice.  We have created Covid-19 Tool Box full of information and links to trusted government and industry resources. 

NZOPA COVID-19 Tool box

Covid-19 Updates

ACC COVID Provider Update 25 August: Lodging electronic medical certificates at alert levels 3 and 4

ACC COVID-19 Provider Update 12 August: Telehealth treatment limits and support for Christchurch terror victims

AHANZ Covid-19 Resurgence Plan

The Ministry of Health has updated its advice on the use of face masks as part of our ongoing response to COVID-19.

Special ACC COVID-19 update: Telehealth at Alert Level 1

ACC COVID-19 update 4 June: Stepping toward the future and weekly claims data

NZOPA Covid-19 Tool Box – Level 2 Updates

ACC COVID-19 update 12 May: Alert Level 2 information

Moving to Alert Level 2 for the community allied health, scientific and technical sector

Alert Level 3 for communtity allied health letter – Amended 24.04

Alert Level 3 for community allied health, scientific and technical Sector

Covid- 19 Alert level 3 (Health and disability services at Alert Level 3)

COVID-19 (Coronavirus): Clinicians who attend clinics or work in DHB’s related and general FAQs

ACC COVID-19 update 24 March: Online payments and continued expansion of Telehealth solutions

COVID-19 Update from AHANZ

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Covid-19 Updates

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