Amputee Journey

Name:  Werner Sonnendecker

Phone:    0212421512



Event Number :    WS2021-01/

(The event number should start with your initials, then the year, then which case study submission this is for you, then an internal job number that will allow you to identify the case in your practice.  E.g. jcs-2009-01/1435b)

All sections below must be filled in for case study to be accepted by Credentialing Committee

Job Details

Start Date:
Finish Date: Ongoing
Referrer/Prescriber: J Donovan
Brief Patient Description: 26y.o female
Orthotic/Prosthetic Aims/Requests:


Summary of case study. Include details of patient, method and outcome

Initial Assessment

Clinical Presentation
Orthotic Aims:
Discussion with Mulidisciplinary Team:
Orthotic Prescription

Literature Review

Summary and critical appraisal of literature used in clinical management, and/or in support of clinical management. Add more table rows for more articles.

Article 1
Article 2
Article 3

Visit details

Visit 1 (initial meeting)
Visit 2
Visit 3
Visit 4

Critical Appraisal of Case Study

What have you learned from this case?
What could have been done better?
Does this study contribute to orthotic research/evidence?
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